Monday, November 2, 2009

To the Path of Splendor

Here are outdoor inspirations for the day. Ok, if I won a landscaper challenge I would build this in my back yard.

fireplace Images from hgtv and design by Scott Cohen.

Here are few other inspiration photos that I would love to incorporate into our backyard project. However, Part I will be just to bring in the fill dirt. That way we can actually walk around our steep back yard. Part II- Build stairs to bottom lot of yard. Part III- Build patio and firepit. Part IV- Plantings, lightening, etc.
Wow, writing that out actually puts it in perspective, can we say "HUGE PROJECT!!!" I wish I would get a call saying, "You have one biggest impossible yard makeover ever by yourself, but never fear HGTV is here!!"

Images from hgtv


  1. I wish I had an outdoor section that look like any of these! I'm ashamed to show off my yard, but I'll get to it day....when I'm not afraid of bugs!

  2. Hey girls can dream can't we:) Hope the house painting is going good!