Monday, August 31, 2009

Tribute to Gorgeous Accent Chairs

Wow just wow. I would love to have a spot for any of these chairs! Wow, Urban Outfitters and Pier one.

Images Courtesy: Pier one and Urban Outfitters

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall Anyone?

Fall cannot come soon enough. Crisp crimson red, deep hues of orange, cool winds blowing, smells of wood burning, as well as carmel and pumpkin smells floating around (at least in my house that is). Oh, how I do love Fall! Which of course had to be the month we got married in. Here is a sneak peek at where we are going for our anniversary in the fall. I spotted this place a few years back and wanted to give it a try. Since we stayed here last year and did the melting pot we thought we would head back to the NC Mountains! This time we are trying out the Blueberry Villa,,a little bnb near Boone. This bnb boasts not only gorgeous views of the mountain hill sides but sits on a winery! I am envisioning a glass of wine on the front porch of this place.

The vineyard here looks really nice, I could definitely vision a wedding here for sure.

Looks like a few folks could envision fall weddings here!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beautiful find of the day

Look at this beauty. Never walk away from a dresser that you think is ugly and drab. Look at what you can turn a dresser into? This is a yellow distressed dresser. They took decorative paper to line the top. Then a 1/4" thick glass for extra protection was put on top for easy cleaning.

File to memory folks! Make one for yourself one day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Part 2 Baby Mod

Oeuf (pronounced UH-F, means egg in French), a New-York Based Company has a line that they trade mark as “simple, clean, and intuitive design”. Here are the details of the Sparrow Crib. The color of the crib is so hip and cool. I truly believe “Grey” is a force to be reckoned with, stand over other colors! The crib is crafted in Europe from solid birch, and the mattress support is made from solid wood. Check out to read and see for yourself.

Every good Nursery needs great storage, right? I think this is a great piece to add to a Nursery or any room. You can find this piece at Ikea.

Throw in a little mod storage, and your set!

What about these cute storage boxes to hold supplies. Green or Pink can pair with Grey. These gems were a find at West Elm.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Without a doubt, do not be scared to do bright color combos. I heart fuchsia and orange together for a wedding. I have to showcase this wedding, as I definitely think this bride deserves a pat on the back. As soon as I saw her shoes, I was sold! Every detail is fine tuned. The location was superb. If only we could have multiple weddings in every location we wanted. Melanie and Gavin got married in San Luis Obispo, CA. Again, as you will see I do love grey. Look how lovely it is when paired with this orange - perfect! Grey is my favorite neutral, I swear!

Photos By: Cameron Ingalls, San Luis Obispo, CA

Of course as a floral designer “by night,” I give five stars to these floral designs. My goodness, they do make my heart flutter! *Sigh* If only I could quit the day job and let my creativity soar!

How adorable are the bridesmaid dresses!

How cute is this bridal party? It makes you want to do this color scheme, right?

What a neat idea – Scratch-off lottery tickets as seating cards and in your color combo! Genius!

Photo By: Red Ribbon Studio, Minneapolis

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Affordable Baby Mod Light Designs and a few of my favorite choices!

What do you find yourself talking about the most? I would say nine times out of ten it is more than likely something you love or feel really strongly about. That is why, without further regret, I have decided I am going to do what I love best - gab and give design tips on Interior Design and Floral/Wedding Design. I tried blogging about my daily life and that just was not cutting it. I wondered why I spent hours on end researching and filing away ideas that were just wasting away in the filing cabinet of my brain! Why not share my ideas with others, so they can be put to use and enjoyed?! I am positive I will blog every day, if it is about my passion.

Here is to the first stab at this. You never know, maybe this will fulfill something I have wanted to do for awhile now! Feel free to share and pass along! And please ask questions, I would be more than happy to assist in planning the most fabulous wedding or room!

Series 1:
This fabulous hanging pendent will for sure “light” up a room and your face when you see the price tag on this beauty.

This Lamp is the topper and icing on the cake or shall we say nursery. Beyond Baby Mod.

Stay tuned for Series 2 on Baby Mod Fav's!
All photos courtesy of and their Baby Mod Collection.