Monday, May 31, 2010

Beach Bound

Of course leave it up to me to have to stop every few feet in the hotel we stayed at to snag pictures of the decor.  Last weekend my husband and I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale for a wedding. The formerly known Yankee Clipper hotel is now the Sheraton. They didn't skip a beat with this renovation. I absouletly loved the way they had it set-up. I must have exclaimed every time we walked through the lobby. I was very close to asking them "What color is this on the walls?" Here are a few pics from my blackberry. Of course I didn't think to bring a camera. Loved the aqua and white decor.  Was this not gorgeous!?  I had to have my friend Beverly take a pose in the living room section. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Beddding for Master

I finally found some bedding for our Master bedroom. The set was on sale at Dillards and we couldn't beat the prices they had on sale for a King.  It is the luxury hotel collection, 600 Sateen thread count.  The collection is called "Bryant Park".  They had many different color options.  I actually loved this color down below but my husband liked the chocolate brown better.  I am a fan of chocolate brown!  I think I still may place some of this color somewhere in the room. 

 I thought the lines were clean and the look seems  crisp and airy.  It wasn't too feminine and I love the graphic embroidery design.  We got everything for 224.00 after taxes.  That included the duvet, shams, Euro shams, bed skirt, and the two decorative pillows!  A savings of 172.00 dollars!  Now onto curtains, a mirror for above the dresser, and lamps!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Flower Choice

In planning the backyard, a great flower choice for a Perennial is the Evening Pink Primrose, genus name is Oenothera and some time referred to as "Twlight".  I believe at the time when my friend and I were shopping for her flower garden, we grabbed this flower because it was named TWLIGHT.  Of course all you Stephanie Meyer fans know why.  This flower looks stunning in a flower garden.  It comes back every year.  If your in the middle of planting flowers for your house then go out to your local Nursery or home improvement store and find this!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Design and Planning

On Valentines Day we found out we are expecting our first child! That is why I was MIA in blogger world for awhile. The first trimester was a bit tough (extreme nausea and I want gross u out by sharing the rest!)  However, these days I have been feeling much better:)  The due date is the day before our anniversary in October. 
  The planning will soon begin on the Nursery design.  We still do not know the sex yet.  My husband and I have a bet going.  So, we shall see.  He bets girl and I bet boy.  We should find out in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, here is some bedding ideas that I have been searhing out on and  I am hoping we can design the bedding ourselves.  I can never find anything in the stores that I like that much.  What do you guys think of these fabric choices?  Fun right?