Monday, May 23, 2011

Ring Bearer Truck

Love the alternative option of using a toy wooden truck for a ring bearer.  It also serves as a keepsake and present as well. We added a hydrangea to tie in with the brides bouquet.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Kiss of Spade

My coworker recently celebrated her "royal wedding" (same day even as the one going on in London). She had such a delightful spread of wedding design.  Her theme was colorful and full of life.  She had so many lovely details (one even being her dog).  I had the opportunity to make my first take on a "floral doggie collar".  I will share that later along with her awesome shoes and jewelry.  Here are few special touches of her day.  First, let me share her inspiration photo for her reception flowers.
 Her florist, Sprout did a great job replicating her inspiration photo. The runner the bride found on etsy and the fabulous bright bud vases are Kate Spade.  Guess who was lucky enough to score one of these after the wedding, me:))  Such a nice thank you from the bride for making her doggie floral collar.  If you hadn't already figured it out her doggie was in on their special day:)