Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rope them in

At least that is what Eddie Bauer at Home Paint did to me. ROPE is the color of paint I decided to use in my Guest bathroom. It is a small space and I wanted to keep it light and airy. Plus, you know I do love grey. I find that it is the "Perfect light Grey". Personal opinion of course. However, I did have a close girlfriend/neighbor paint her entire living room and kitchen area in this color as well. It turned out great. Here are few Before & After pictures. We removed the builders mirror and installed our own.
Here it is in the beginning...

And here it is after....


  1. Oh wow this is a nice shade of gray! I need to check that out!!!

  2. I nominated you for an award...stop by my blog for details

  3. Oh my! I am super excited, my first award. Thank you:) I will have to post tomorrow (give me something fun to do at work, right!) I am so bad, but hey I get a lunch break right?