Monday, September 28, 2009


I know one day I will move onto a new obsession. However, now it still remains as GREY. Here is a new look on woodwork in a nursery. Instead, of white it is a deep grey with an added pop of color above.

Check out this crazy modern nursery with the same color scheme.

I think it would be so neat to try and replicate these squares in a baby nursery. It would definitely give them something to gaze at for sure! These colors are so pretty to me. I think this is good gender neutral option.

This bedspread is would add a cheery touch to any Nursery for sure and again at great option for either a boy or a girl.

Of course you must throw in a comfy chair in the mix and a cute lamp!

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  1. I saw that nursery on rate my space online and nearly fell out of my chair!!! yeah I'm inspired again!