Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Say it ain't so, Wallpaper??

Hi Guys and Gals!
I have to share two of my favorite finds this week. Shout out to one of my favorite blogger couples, http://www.younghouselove.com/, I swear they are so awesome! They featured a house tour this week and within this house tour were references to two great finds. I want to share one with you right now. The other one deserves a separate post of course. They introduced a great website that specializes in vintage wallpaper. The site is http://www.walnutwallpaper.com/. You can browse by style, color, or designer. A great site to snag a few samples from to frame for art, use as a design for a headboard or perhaps inside a bookcase (I can show you a pictures later of this), or use as actual wallpaper. I am trying to get my mom to frame some wallpaper designs for her new grey bedroom re-do. Here are few of my favorites that I think would look awesome framed.

Pick out some prints you like, buy yourself some frames, perhaps some of these for $27.99 at Ikea, check them out here,


  1. Another great option is to visit a store that sells wallpaper, and ask them to order you samples of styles you like. Many samples are sent large enough to frame as a 11x14, if not bigger. We have framed prints all over the house, and many would never even guess they were FREE wallpaper samples! Plus, the low cost makes it easy to change them around or replace without guilt or committment!

  2. Good idea!!! I need to find a store down here. Damask prints here I come.