Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Onto the next one...

Onto the next Eye Candy that is. These are few pictures from Rate My Space that I wanted to save and share with folks. How cute Is this Lamb theme Nursery? I had a friend who also did her Nursery in this bedding. I am hoping she takes a peek at this entry and leaves a comment. I am curious to see her reaction! She ended up moving several months after having her baby, therefore maybe she hasn't "re-started" the Nursery yet in this new house. Hi Cindy, in Chicago, tell us what you think!!

How fun does that chair look? Love the pattern.

The bedding if I recall is from Pottery Barn. I believe it is discontinued now. But, I am sure if you liked it you could always dig around on the Internet and find someone who is trying to sale it!

Love this piece of furniture in the Nursery. I am sure they probably used it for a changing table/dresser. I like how they mixed and matched the pieces of furniture in the room. The crib is white, however this piece isn't. I think it breaks up the room to mix and match sometimes. I think it looks quite nice.

This next Nursery took a pattern off a curtain and drew it onto the wall. For those who are great artists and can sketch or free hand then I think this always adds a fun element to the room. I also liked the lamp they had on their changing table. Ikea, believe it or not.

If you ever want to explore different rooms and get ideas, Rate My Space is always a site I go to.


  1. This is sooo cute....make me wish I had a little girl, but it could work as a gender neutral room right?

  2. I think so, my friend from Chicago, bought the lamb bedding for her little boy. So, I think a lamb theme could go either way:)