Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Before and After

Okay folks. I have to admit I was lazy last night. What good does it do for me to show you guys the finished product pictures if I do not show you the before pictures. I decided tonight I owed you some before pictures to get the full effect. The two top pictures are the BEFORE pictures. The camera does not do a great job showing the color change. The BEFORE was very, very light builder beige. This color like I mentioned last night is "COFFEE". The collection is from Eddie Bauer Homes and you can find it at Lowes.

I spotted this rug at Target and thought it would warm up the space a bit more. I loved the pattern. The rug is made of wool and seems to do the best with our animals!
One day I promise to stop taking pictures on my blackberry and actually use my camera. Then maybe these photos would come out better for you to see!

Here is a closer look at the pattern of the rug.


  1. Coffee huh? I don't like coffee, but I LOVE this color!!! Helloooo COFFEE into my living room!