Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pumpkin Decorating Fun

I love when you can take ideas and apply it in to decorating in the home or taking the ideas and applying them for a fall wedding.

Pumpkin Place Card Holders

You can take gorgeous leaves from outdoors and inscribe names on the leaves, tie the leave onto the pumpkin with ribbon or raffia. Here you have a fantastic place card holder at home for dinner guests or place cards for guests at a wedding.

Eye Candy for Outside
Create a message tower by stacking pumpkins on a dowel rod near an entry way. Sketch the letters freehand then scrap off the pumpkin skin to highlight the letters.


Love this! You can see how this is definitely something you could do for a wedding. A plus, is mums are in season in fall and super cheap.
"Begin carving as you would with a jack-o-lantern. Carefully cut a lid (keep the stem!) and remove the seeds and pulp. Using a drill or nail, poke small holes around the shell, just wide enough to insert flower stems. Select mums in oranges, reds and golds. Cut the stems about a half inch from the flower head, long enough to poke into the hole. Space holes so adjoining flowers cover the pumpkin flesh. Start at the top, and work your way down until the pumpkin is covered.

The number of mums you need depends on the sizes of the blooms and your pumpkin. Keep the inside of the pumpkin moist; flowers will last two or three days."

Leaves to the rescue

"Display your favorite fall foliage colors with simple decoupage (gluing flat objects or pictures to a surface). Real leaves applied to a white pumpkin set a sophisticated scene.

Set leaves between paper towels and flatten them under a book for at least five days. Then brush decoupage glue on a white pumpkin. Arrange the leaves on the pumpkin's surface. Cut small slits along the edges of the leaves as you go, so they'll fit the pumpkin's contours. To finish, coat the decorated surface in decoupage glue."

Pumpkin Vases
You can always put about any container that will fit down in the pumpkin once you have hallowed it out. Or purchase a Faux pumpkin at Michaels and avoid the mess! If you have spaghetti jar left over, try that as a container . Stick any flowers inside for a nice change of an arrangement.

Stay tuned for the Pottery Barn Metallic DIY Pumpkin project!

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