Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Showered with Love

As I mentioned in my last post, I had my last baby shower this weekend. I am 37 weeks this week. I am going a little out of order as my first shower happened back in August hosted by my sister and closest girlfriends. I will share those photos later when I have collected them all. This weekend was the shower with my husbands family. My mother-in-law hosted this cute shower!!
All the presents were wrapped adorable....

She pulled in inspiration from the Nursery with all the bright colors. She set up tables outside with coordinating table toppers she had sewn herself to add a touch of color in fuschia, chocolate brown, and aqua.

Everyone found their place to sit by the cute place cards she had made  (they reminded me of baby block braclets) which was such a neat touch.

Mason jars were used on each table for a pop of color. 

The napkins were so adorable. They were a perfect match to the Nursery design.

The menu included:
Flat bread or an assortment of crackers for the yummy southern homemade chicken salad and pimento cheese. We had a yummy fruit salad and a tortellini spinach and tomato salad.  Mexican Taco Salad Dip (she had to have something spicy for the expecting mom!)  Then to top it off the famous pigs in a blanket!
Now moving onto the dessert bar!  Look how awesome these desserts were.  I have to say myself, I had no idea there was baking glitter.

My mother-in-law knows I love jelly bellies and threw these onto the dessert bar.  I had to pose the pink rubber ducky in them!

One of my other favorite is a carmel candy apple. We had these at our wedding actually and I thought it was so sweet she included these in the dessert bar.  Everyone took one home as a favor.
We are so grateful for all the love and support from our family and friends.  We cannot thank everyone enough!  It was such a fun weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Can anyone guess the name??  There was a hint on one of the desserts of the first initial??? 
Oh and how could I forget... I had to make my husband pose with the pink rubber ducky and he was wearing pink so.... it just made since to snag a pic of the soon daddy-to-be.


  1. Wow! Your mother-in-law did a fabulous job on your baby shower! It looks great! I noticed you're keeping the name a secret. That's a great idea. I did it and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed all the comments I received on her name once she was born. I wanted to let you know though that part of her name is revealed in the first picture you have posted. It's on a white and pink bucket and I can see the letters "adelyn"

  2. Ha! Your good. After I posted all the pics, I realized that was in there. I was wondering if folks would notice. So, if people put two in two together with that and the first initial of the cookies, they will figure it out:)))) Good attention to detail!

  3. Sooo....Is Miss Madelyn here?!?! If so, congrats! I can't wait to see her and her room! LOVE LOVE LOVE the mobile! Your sister did a great job!