Monday, September 27, 2010

Paintings have arrived...

We have a few things left to do to the Nursery. However, at my my last shower this weekend my sister brought over the two finished canvas paintings she had been working on with her boyfriend.  The rug of course was the inspiration. 
You can also see a good sneek peek of the wall color here, SPRINKLE. It took me awhile to get use to such a bright fun color in the house. It definetly is not anywhere close to the earth tones used everywhere else through out the house. However, we love the bright fun Nursery and think it totally fits the design of the room and looks like a room designed for little girl named "   " (to be revealed when she arrives:)))!!! Pardon the odd lighting.  We just got a new camera and I took these at night in the room.  The lighting is little off but you get the picture.
Lets take a look with the rug shall we??  Crazy huh??  They did a great job.  We cannot wait to hang these behind her crib.  We also scored an old frame this weekend that will also be used as project behind her crib.  It was an old frame from my husbands late grandfather.  Extra cool that we can use this in the room.  Stay tuned for more pictures of the Nursery reveal later, including the home made mobile.

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  1. I want this mobile! Would your sister be interested in making another one?? I would soooo pay her!
    Please let me know!!