Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Made Nursery Mobile Reveal

When I asked my sister if she would help make a mobile for her niece she replied "Sure, what did you have in mind??" We brainstormed some ideas but she was the master mind and over achiever behind this whole project.  Little did she know what she got her self into.  She spent hours and hours on this thing!  I had to promise her I would make her take it to college, ha!  She printed out some templates for the flowers and others she made herself.  She hand cut all the flowers and sewed each petal onto each other as well as a button for the center.   She wanted to make sure there were no choking hazards by having loose materials.   Here is sneek peek as I could not wait any longer to share before we hang it this weekend. (If you guys want further details on how she made it just say so in the comments and we can post on that later).

She then alternated between the flowers these felt balls that were in various colors.  Some had little rhinestones on them and others were just plain felt. Also, mixed up in between were pre-cut leaves (one in a darker green and one in a chartreuse green)

She attached everything by using two wooden wreath circles and wrapped them with polka dot ribbon.  The wider chocolate ribbon comes up from the circles and is topped off at the top with a looped bow in which we will attach onto a hook from the ceiling.

Here is a full lengh picture of most of it. 
Tucker the cat seems to like it and find it interesting. Lets hope the baby loves it as well!  Thanks Ashley, your the best auntie and sister (you were before....) but your right this is just icing on the cake!  Love you!


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  2. Wow, that looks gorgeous...can't wait to see the whole room!! Those paintings look beautiful also!