Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not so unique after all

Have you ever purchased something and you thought "This is great, no one else will have this at all!?"  When I went out and bought this piece of fabric from a local fabric store in Charlotte, NC I thought I was going to have these unique drapes no one else had. It was lacking in length but nothing that could not be fixed by adding some additional fabric.  It was not until months later that my ever so fav store came out with their own duvet, shower curtain, pillows, etc. in this exact print!

Does this fabric look familar?  My mother in law worked on sewing these curtains for my chocolate brown powder room.  I loved all the colors in the fabric.  It had all my favorite colors: Aqua, orange, green, browns, burnt reds, etc. We added the fabric up top and some fun fringe to make the curtain longer.  I thought I had the most unique curtains until Pottery Barn released their catalog, ha!! Nontheless, I still love them and sort of thought it was funny that PB would think so highly of the exact same fabric:)

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  1. I love this fabric! It's by Kravet and the name is Lutron. I have it in the brown color way!

    I love it in the bathroom especially next to thst turquoise vase!