Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holidays are Wrapping Up

All the effort of decorating for the holidays and it seems like it comes to a end so fast! Does anyone else dread packing up everything??? I do like organizing, however it is ALOT of work to pack everything back up. Especially, this year. I suppose I will leave some things up until after New Years. I did pack up the dining room table plates today. A semi-start, can't hurt. This year we put up two trees. We have never done that before. Although, this was the first year in the house that the bonus room was finished in order for us to do so. I went with oranges, golds, and browns on this tree as these are the colors of the bonus room. Maybe by next year I will have a tree skirt for this tree or a topper. Although, I made do with sticking some gold berry stems at the top instead and liked how it turned out. The tree turned out pretty good considering I started with NO ornaments for a second tree. It is amazing what you can transform into ornaments. For instance, pine cones! I did buy carmel satin spray paint in hopes of spraying a few. I never got a around to it and ended up sticking just the plain brown pine cones on the tree. It did the trick. It was nice, the tree fit perfectly in the dormer and sparkled through the windows out to the road.

Why can't Christmas stick around longer. Trees make it so pretty in the house, don't you agree? What is it? The lights you think?? Or is it just the lovely memories that go along with it!? I think both.


  1. How pretty!! I love the gold berry stems as a topper.

  2. Thanks Ashley:) It was pretty funny decorating a second tree when I really had no ornaments saved up for it. It turned out ok for a first little christmas tree run. Hope you and the family are doing good. Your so amazing at taking photos, I stopped by the blog today and took a long peak:)