Friday, December 11, 2009

Bonus Help

After Christmas I hope to finally finish this room. Is a room ever truly finished??? Our bonus room needs some items on the wall. The room has 12ft ceilings. Therefore, ALOT of wall space. I am hoping to get the following:
1- 3 long shelves from IKEA to fill in some of the vast space on the walls.
2- A mirror for behind our sofa table. I would of course paint this mirror. I was thinking of trying out the Heirloom white that Janelle recommends at Isabella & Max Rooms along with the Rub N Buff for an antique look.
3-Book case items, such as this pedestal fruit bowl. I actually can check this off the list.
4- Another item for the bookcase is I really like this bird plate.
5- Door

Yes, the builder inverted our door so it opens to the inside of our hall. I want it to open to the inside of the room. I was thinking of getting a french door for this room. The door is hardly ever closed. I have some glass door knobs left over from our office french doors that I would like to use. However, everything else in this room is done. It was a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long work in progress shall I say. I will share the journey later. Maybe I can pick up the holiday tour in this room.

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving that mirror! I think this room is going to turn out great! Can't wait to see it!