Sunday, December 13, 2009

Design Consults

Over the years I have been asked to help choose paint colors or give design advise to those starting on a project. I have helped a few friends and friends of friends you could say:) Starting in the new year I will begin to offer design help for those who want to purchase a mood board or seek a virtual design shopper so to speak. There is link to my direct email off to the side. Down below is an example of a Nursery design and the first Nursery Mood Board up for grabs. Hand picked bedding, art, fabric, etc. are show below. Let me know what you think. Or if you would like the details on where to get these items or would like to purchase this mood board design for your Nursery Design, email me. I call it "Hoot, Hoot!" You will see why down below.

Couple of other finishing touches would be this mirror.

And this cutie hand painted canvas

Perhaps this fabric for a pop of color for drapes

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  1. Hey Tara -

    Thanks so much for your comment - and I am glad to see that someone else is onboard the owl-lovin-train :) Aren't they soo cute?!?!

    Love your board :)

    XO - Katie