Sunday, December 20, 2009

Coastal Dreaming Take II

Here are a few more dreamy coastal photos that sparked my interest....
Now in my current house I could not imagine a fish on the wall of any sort, but at the beach casa I could totally work with this. I love the simple green jars with a touch of outdoors brought in.

I like the use of the dark blue and white color schemes through out.

Check out the bedroom, loving this too! I'm missing the beach and water can you tell? I am thinking I could live with this set up at the beach, couldn't you. That crisp and clean bedroom is gorgeous.

Images and design by the talented Phoebe Howard, that you can check out here


  1. Love the blues...especially the lamps in the last photo. It reminds me that I really need a vacation!!!

  2. Phoeobe is one of my favs! Great images. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas...