Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Did I allure you with my PB reference? Maybe I did for you PB (aka Peanut Butter) lovers or dare I say PB (aka Pottery Barn) lovers out there. Here is a project that I am sure you DIYers could do! Just look how easy this could be done and at a fraction of the cost I am sure. Especially, if you had one of these bad boys around the house. The Bridgeton Armoire is "Oh, so fabulous!". However, the price tag comes in at roughly $1300.
When you open it, you have all this great space.
Closed, it looks like your typical Armoire. Just think, if you had kids you could lock this bad boy up and they would never have the key to the "magical adult stash/juice"
1- You could easily buy the wine racks to screw/install in the top.
2- A top shelf could be inserted. I am sure an existing armoire you have around the house already has one. Although, you may have to buzz some of the width off depending on the size you wanted.
3-Install another shelf and a puller tray. Which would be quite easy. Pretty much the same concept as a roll out desk keyboard holder.
4- Last shelf would be installed and the grid system to hold the wine bottles. And viola, you just made yourself a PB Armoire.
Come on, what are you waiting for! Go make one! Find one on Craigs list.
If you want more details or you are not a DIYer and want to purchase this gem, you can go here and images are from pottery barn.com