Thursday, January 7, 2010

Visual Inspirations for the Day

I was surfing around today on houzz and thought I would share some images that I liked today.
I love the window in this bathroom. Along with the crisp white molding around the windows and ceiling. The color is fun!
Love the patterns, color on the wall, and the crisp chocolate brown with the creamy white.
Love the use of this space for a pantry.
Love the use of these two color combos together. What do you guys think? Would you do any of these rooms/colors in your house?


  1. OMG, love the blue/orange room. Please remember this for when we move and need to decorate our new house. I'm counting on your design memory!! :)

  2. Yes, I actually thought you would like this room:) Yes, I will be all over remembering this scheme for your house next door to me. I will be your Jewels.

  3. I love that dark brown bedroom, but that's probably because mine is dark brown too! I wish I had that much light, but unfortunately I don't--still, I love the cocoon feel. :)