Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The heat is on...

With nine more weeks to go, the heat is on (to finish the Nursery that is).
Crib- check
Glider and ottoman-check
Changing table- semi check (still has to be re-finished)
Knobs for changing table-check
Crib Bedding-check
DIY mobile- semi check (my sister is in serious progress mode in getting this done.  I cannot wait to see it)
3 Blank Canvas- semi check (They are bought, however we must decide on what we plan on painting)
Rug- need to order tomorrow
Paint color- check

I have been slack on ordering the rug since I wanted to attempt to try a couple of things. PB teen of course does not have a store.  Therefore, you cannot do free shipping to the store, I thought PB kids may could have PB teen shipped there.  However, I was wrong.  My mother in law suggested I call and see if they would do a free one time shipping pass (doesn't hurt to ask).  The tax and shipping alone add another 60 bucks or so to the rug.  I did call today and a free shipping pass was not in the works, however they would take 10% off!  Sold.  I am still loving the very first picture of this Nursery where I saw the rug.

This weekend we are going to paint and get the chair and ottoman in place. The crib is already put together with the bedding. Maybe if we are on top of things we will get the curtains hung!

 I will however, share the paint choice candidates. After looking through ton of Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, and Lowes paints. The final contenders were from Lowes and were from Valspar line. The three contenders were Aqua Glow 5007-9B (the deeper and bolder of the three), Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue 5007-9A (the more muted and lighter of the three), and Sprinkle 5008-9A (the brighter and airy one of the three). Stay tuned..
To see the paint color swatches, you can go here. They are on the bottom two rows of the cool blue panel of colors.

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  1. 9 WEEKS?!?!? OMG, yes girl lets get a move on it! Oh Tara, I can't wait to see the room! That rug is the icing on the cake! Hurry and get things into gear I'm anxiously waiting!