Thursday, April 22, 2010

Backyard Renovoation has begun

The backyard renovation has begun. The hubby is super busy building the retaining wall, landing/stairs, etc. We are hoping to have the wall and everything built by the Summer. We are trying to beat the NC heat! Here are few inspirations pictures of what is expected. I will take actual photos of our project soon.   These were photos I snagged from digging around online.  He has done a great job building the landings that are tiered into the side of the hill.  This allows us to walk around our deck.  Before you had to literally hold onto the rails of the deck to keep from sliding down the hill of our backyard!

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  1. Okay, for a second I was like "Damn, Chris is no joke!!" I thought you had already gotten it all done! :) I'm sure Chris will make it look as close to this as possible! He's good like that. I want to pre-hire him for wainscoating in my next dining room. I'm sure ya'll will need something by then that we can work out in trade. hehe :)